NC Region Scholarship Program

NC Region AACA Scholarship Program 

The North Carolina Region of the Antique Automobile Club of America Board of Directors has approved an automotive scholarship program with two types of scholarships, Individual and Institutional.  Our program is designed to help individual students with small but important items that seem to arise right when they think they have paid everything and have limited funds to continue, things like supplies, uniforms, tools, and the like. These scholarships will be targeted to help the student work with the institution on items they need for their particular major. The Institutional Scholarship funds will be awarded to an institution to purchase automotive related tools and equipment. 

(A printable version of the Scholarship Program Description and applications are linked at the end of this page.)   

 I. Types of Scholarship Awards: Individual (A) & Institutional (B)

  1. The Individual Scholarship Award (A) will be used primarily to purchase the recipient’s required tools, supplies and uniforms. Any funds remaining from the award may be applied to the recipient’s tuition.
  2. The Institutional Scholarship (B) funds will be used for the purchase of automotive tools and equipment for learning institutions (of all types) deemed beneficial to the NCAACA by The Committee.

 II. Funding guidelines for all Scholarship Awards:

  1. The amount of funds presented in any case will be the responsibility of The Committee working in concert with the NC Region Treasurer. Final approval is the responsibility of the NC Region Board of Directors.
  2. Each award will be for the entire academic school year, split between fall and spring semesters, paid directly to the institution on behalf of the student (or awarded directly to the student per guidelines set by the institution).
  3. Each award will be chosen based on the applications received in each individual year. A recipient is eligible to apply for subsequent school years based on satisfactory academic performance, but must compete with other applicants.

 III. Eligibility

  1. Eligible applications must be received, after approval of the local Chapter, by the Scholarship Committee (The Committee) on or before April 1st of each year. The Committee will meet, review applications and make recommendations to the NC Region Board of Directors for their approval at the North Carolina Region Spring Meet.
  2. Individual Scholarship Awards are available to any member in good standing for a minimum of two years of the NC Region Antique Automobile Club of America (NCAACA) or their family members. The recipient must be enrolled in an “automotive related” field at an institution of higher learning (University, College or Community College) of their choice.

 IV.  Application procedure for Individual Awards:

  1. To be accepted for consideration, the application must be submitted via mail as one complete package and must be received by the Committee Chair with a postmark dated no later than March 31st. No application materials will be returned, and no exceptions will be made. The following specific items are to accompany the application:
      1. The Application Form in this Guideline – completed as indicated.
      2. Transcript(s) - Official copy of the grades received for the latest completed grade period for a full time enrollment reflecting a ‘student in good standing’. The Transcript must be certified as ‘Official, Signed and Sealed’ – computer print-outs are not acceptable. Additional course information is also welcome.
      3. Statement of Acceptance - A copy of a letter from an accredited two-year or four-year college, university, or vocational school.
      4. Letters of Reference – Two (2) letters of reference are to be included. These letters are to be obtained from people of the applicant’s choice, preferably from teachers, academic administrators, or antique auto hobbyists. The reference letters should be no longer than one typewritten 8 ½” x 11” page. The reference letters should not be written by a relative or member of the applicant’s family. Applicants must obtain new letters of reference to submit with each Application Form – letters of reference cannot be used more than one time.
      5. Applicants Statement or Essay - A statement or essay written by the applicant, no more than one typewritten 8 ½” x 11” page, speaking to the applicant’s interest in to the antique automobile hobby and contribution and involvement with the North Carolina Region or the Sponsoring Chapter. Applicants must prepare a new statement or essay to be submitted with each Application Form – statements or essays cannot be used more than once.

 V.   Application procedure for Institutional Awards:

  1. For an Institutional Award the Committee will require a letter stating the equipment needed, estimated cost, and an overall review of the Institution and the program(s) affected by the proposed award.


  1. For an Institutional Award the Committee will require a letter stating the equipment needed, estimated cost, and an overall review of the Institution and the program(s) affected by the proposed award.
  2. The Scholarship Award committee will be composed of three persons – all appointed by the President, NC Region, AACA. One will be a NC Region Executive Board member, the second will be a current NC Region Board member or a past Board Member and the third will be an Active Region member at large. The appointed members would verify they would not have any family members applying for the Scholarship while serving on the Committee and thus avoid any conflict of interest with the potential applicants. The NC Region Executive Board Member will be the Chairman of the Selection Committee.


  1. The Scholarship Committee Chair will hold a meeting before the Spring NC Region Meet to review the applications. The Committee Chairman will verify with the NC Region Treasurer that the Sponsors of applicants are active members for the two years prior to the March 31st date of the application.
  2. Applicants will be reviewed based on information given in the application, reference letters and essay, as well as scholastic achievement. Financial consideration will not be a part of the decision and this information will not be requested from the applicants.
  3. The Committee Chairman will advise the President of the Region of the names of applicants being recommended for awards before the Spring Region Meet. This will allow the NC Region Treasurer to review the funding possibilities during this time and advise the Committee Chairman as to the amount and number of Awards. The NC Region Board will approve the final Awards at the Spring Board Meeting.


  1. The decision of the NC Region Board will be final. The Committee Chairman will be responsible to assure that all applicants are notified by mail of the decision regarding their submittal not later than July 1st. The Committee Chair will also be responsible to notify the editor of the NC Region News and supply an article with pictures for the next issue.
The July 1st date will allow time for the NC Region President to approve Committee recommendations for submittal to the National AACA for the “AACA Scholarship Award” or the “Young People’s Award”, which have a deadline of December 1st.

VIII Past Scholarships Awarded  

       - Individual [A] Scholarship
            2014     Connor Sexton
            2015     Not awarded
            2016     Not awardd

       - Institutional Scholarships
            2014     Wake Community College, Wake Co. NC
            2015     No Applications
            2016     Pitt Community College, Greenville, NC

The North Carolina Region Scholarship Award Application

Awarded by the NC Region AACA

Individual Scholarship Award

Student Name_________________________________________________________________

Home Address_________________________________________________________________


Home Phone____________________________

Sponsor Name_____________________________ AACA Membership No.__________

NC Region Chapter____________________

Education Information

High School Attended __________________________________________________________

Address _____________________________________________________________________

High School Grade Point Average (GPA) _____________________

College – University – Technical School – Community College already attending or expected to attend

Name of Institution________________________________________________________




Grade Point Average for latest grade period if enrolled above_______________

If already attending college or technical school, are you a full or part-time student?

FULL TIME ____________ PART TIME______________

What year of study will you be enrolling in for the coming academic year? 1 – 2 – 3 – 4 (Circle One)

Do you work while attending college or technical school or do you plan to work?

YES__________ NO___________

If you currently work while attending college or technical school, please list your employer, average hours per week worked, and type of work you do. ______________________________________________________________________________





Attach to this Application:

  • Your Transcript;
  • Statement of Acceptance;
  • Two (2) Reference Letters;
  • Your Essay.

Applicant’s Signature___________________________________________Date________________

Sponsor’s Signature__________________________________________


 Application Must be Received by the Committee Chair on or before March 31.




The North Carolina Region Scholarship Award Application

Awarded by the NC Region AACA

Institutional Application

Name of Institution______________________________________________________________



Contact Phone____________________________

Sponsor Name____________________________   AACA Membership No.__________

NC Region Chapter____________________


Attach to this Application: Description of equipment needed and overall review of institution and program(s) affected.



Applicant’s Signature________________________________________Date_________________

Sponsor’s Signature_________________________________________Date_________________

Application Must be Received by the Committee Chair on or before March 31.



For a Printable Version of the NC Region Scholarship Program Description Click HERE

For a Printable version of the Individual Application, Click HERE

For a printable version of the Institutional Application, Click HERE


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