Help Wanted

And the Oscar goes to…

I want to thank Ralph Proscia for being the Region Property Manager for the last few years. He has done an awesome job of handling the Region’s clothing, banners and awards… he deserves the Oscar! Unfortunately for us, Ralph is taking a deserved rest from this position to focus on other things… he will not sit idle I assure you!

This opens a position for someone who wants to serve the Region in some capacity, and I want to explain a little about the job. Even though the title is Property Manager, the majority of the focus here is on our awards. We buy Red Bird awards and judging chits, and we give plaques and now display signs for many of our annual awards in January.

It is my vision for the person in this position to focus on these awards. Ralph has decreased the focus on clothing and increased the overall quality of the awards we give. This is a great legacy for Ralph to leave to the new person coming in to help. I’d like to see this developed further as we move forward to recognize and reward superior effort in the mission of the Region. At the same time… we look forward to a lot of new and fun experiences in all our events.

If you are even remotely interested, call me for a discussion and your ideas. I would like to entertain more than one person being involved in this effort so no one feels like it is all on their shoulders. Many of the contacts for these awards are already in place so we have the opportunity to fine tune and customize the things we do for our recipients going forward.

Please call me and ask all the questions you can think of!

Bill Cox  919-971-3382   

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